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You have decided to spend some time of your vacation on the water and explore the waterways of your vacation region. You will only be able to enjoy the freedom of the water fully, if you can count on your safety. We as a boat rental provider take this responsibility in our hands and make sure that all measurements are taken.


Safety on the water: Boat rental from BOATSCC

Each of our boats is equipped with certificated safety equipment and is subjected to a strict maintenance procedure. The captains of our boats are all licensed and will instruct you to all required necessities and safety relevant functions of the individual boat. All our boats are equipped with life vests for children.


Meet the team!

Martin, Chief-Captain.

As we say in German, our “alter Hase” (old rabbit) who has been around a long time.

Originally from Berlin, Germany, Martin has lived here in Florida the past 10 years, working as a licensed captain and boat trader. He instructed over 3000 boat briefings, varying from sport boats up high to great yachts. While he personally enjoys motorboats in Cape Coral, he is one of our oldest team member and therefore our “alter Hase”.

Thomas, licensed captain.

Already with his feet in the water when he was a little boy.

Thomas is native-born in Hamburg, Germany and grew up bilingual. He graduated in Economics in Miami and has lived in Cape Coral for 8 years now. Since he was 10-years-old, Thomas has spent a great amount of his leisure time on sport boats and thus knows his way around the waters.

Lando, licensed captain.

While still in his cradle, he was already captain.

Lando has his origins in Texas but spend some years in Hamburg, Germany during his youth. He is passionate about boats and water since his early years. He has begun his time here in Cape Coral while studying Economics and has lived here now for 7 years.

Nadja, material requirements planer.

Executor of carefulness and diligence in the office.

Nadja spent several years in Hamburg, Germany. Among other things, Nadja graduated in medical engineering and worked in a large company, collecting valuable experiences from her work. Professional fields of work she can call herself an expert in are planning, coordination and documentation.

Peter, company owner and managing director.

Very talented in what he does best: provision of great service.

Peter, company owner and managing director. Very talented in what he does best: provision of great service

Peter is from Hamburg, Germany and has been his own boss for over 30 years now. Many years he was responsible for the management of medium-seized companies in the fields of gastronomy. He lives in Florida now and uses his collected experience to provide a great service of boat rentals.