Boat rental Cape Coral: spending your vacation between dolphins and wandering turtles

Florida Bootsvermietung, Chief-Captain Martin.

In some countries it is not possible to rent a boat without a valid boat license. If you spent your vacation in Florida, you will be able to enjoy your own boat tour without having to struggle with lengthy paperwork. You only need a valid driver license and have to be 21 years old. If you fulfil these conditions, you can start looking at our catalogue and choose a boat in Cape Coral.

Our advice: Book a villa with a private boat dock

Cape Coral inherits a beautiful landscape characterized by its exotic plants and animals, the 390 mile-long canals and many small-uninhabited islands. It is impossible to see everything on one day. Therefore, we recommend you to book a villa with a private accessible boat dock.  This gives you the possibility to rent a boat in Cape Coral during your whole stay in order to plan your time on land or water completely independently.

Rent a boat in Cape Coral: Experience an exotic of animals    

After a long breakfast you start your own boat tour, riding on the water and suddenly a dolphin jumps out of the water just next to your boat… how an exciting start of the day in Cape Coral! If you rent a boat in Cape Coral, a journey to the exotic world of local animals and plants begins.

Besides spotting playful dolphins, you will be able to watch wandering turtles that have their nesting period between June and August.  After hatching, the small turtles wander on the beach starting they journey to the Gulf of Mexico. In order to help finding the way, some hotels from the region reduce their exterior lighting, so that the baby turtles don’t confuse the light with the moon and accidently wander in the wrong direction. If you are lucky you will be able to watch the baby turtles doing their first clumsy steps towards the water.