Vacation homes with an own boat dock: rent a boat in Cape Coral


While looking at different vacation home offers, many will find places with an own boat dock. Booking a vacation house is only the first step of making vacation in which you will have exclusive access to your own boat rental. But first you have to find a boat rental in Cape Coral that offers boats, which can be rented over a short or long time period and will be brought in front of your house.

Planning a vacation: rent a boat in Cape Coral online 

If you want to experience and explore Cape Coral by water, you can reserve a boat already before your stay. You can have a look of our boats and offers on our website while you plan your vacation. Here you will find an overview of all available motorboats, which you can reserve online for the duration of your stay. Conditions and availabilities of the selected boat will be shown in the details section.

If you decide to book a luxury villa with an own boat dock and reserve the boat online beforehand, we will arrange everything and you will find the boat already at your private boat dock at your arrival. You have to be at least 21 years old and in possession of a valid driver license. A special boat license will not be needed in order to navigate our boats. After a short introduction, you will be able to choose the time and destinations of your boat trips on your own.

Our vacation advice: take a boat tour to the nearby islands in front of Cape Coral  

When you have decided to rent a boat in Cape Coral, we are more than happy to recommend you some memorable destinations and excursions. Among other destinations, one could be to the islands off the coast, on which you will find great nature barely touched and uninhabited.

You could also drive to the Cabbage Key Island, which has an own boat dock that invites you to stop and go on land. You could visit the white observation tower from which you have an incredible view towards the water landscape. There is also one restaurant that welcomes their guests with culinary specialities. If you want to rent a boat in Cape Coral, we gladly provide you with great insider tips.


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